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Grand Junction Police Department
Group Photo 2013
GJPD 2013
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Helpful Tips
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Purchasing Prints:  
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Cropping and Framing:
There are 3 different versions of the GJPD Group Photo. 
Because of the Panoramic aspect ratio of the photo, there may be black borders depending on the size print you choose.
For this reason, we have included the three following versions:
1) Group only - no text
2) Group with Large text
3) Group with Staff Listing
After adding an image to the Shopping Cart, click on the thumbnail within the Shopping Cart to adjust the crop of the image.  Adjust the cropping guides to your liking, or change to another version to fit your print size.
There is also a 'Frame It' button in the shopping cart where you can choose to have your print framed.
The Photographic Group, as a Thank You to all those who participated in the making of this group photo, and in appreciation to the men and women serving our community, are offering these prints at a greatly reduced rate from our normal print prices.
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